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About Our Products

VidZio is really great... I’m able to showcase my products & services directly on to the monitors of those who are the biggest spenders in my market...

You can wake up every morning feeling really great thanks to all of the new sales and leads you were able to generate.

I tried out VidZio - and it has helped me monetize my business in an amazing way... Helping me drive MASSIVE amounts of traffic to more than one offer & my income is on auto-pilot...

The built in guide showing you what to do next really sealed the deal for me. It made the process so simple...

Consistent Amazon
Affiliate Commissions

Turn FREE Traffic Into Profits With Videos

You Don’t Even Make Yourself

100% Passive Affiliate Commissions From LEADING eCom Platforms

Sell Your OWN Products & Integrate

With ANY Shopping Cart

Maximize Profits Giving Prospects THEIR CHOICE Of How They Buy:


Use Converting Videos Made By You - OR OTHERS

That Do The Selling FOR YOU

Works With Any Video Format

Hands Free Affiliate Commissions & PASSIVE Profits

From Your Own Products...



Login To Your

Cloud-Based Dashboard

Create & Name A New Campaign.

Select ANY video from YouTube or Vimeo or upload an mP4 from your local computer.

*** We ALWAYS recommend using “creative commons” videos or getting permission from the video creator, when using videos made by others. Most video creators are glad for the extra exposure so getting permission is usually quite easy!


Copy The Video Link

Into Your Vidzio Dashboard.

Right Inside You’ll Be Able To Preview The Video To Make Sure It’s Best-Suited For Your Promos.

Select the type of offer(s) you’ll be promoting with this video. Use the drop-down menu to choose from Amazon, eBay, AliExpress or Walmart … or pick “custom” if you’d prefer to promote your own products.


Choose How Many Offers

You’d Like To Promote

On Your Video.

Use The “Curation Feature” To Instantly Select Targeted Products Based On The Ecom Platform You Chose In Step 2.

Add your offers, customize your calls to action, then paste the short-code to your site and you’ll have a video page ready to drive profits!

Video + eCom Is A PROVEN Winner!

The Biggest Names In Online Marketplaces, Including Amazon And Ebay, Report That Adding A Video To A Product Description Increases The Chances Of A Shopper Buying That Item By Up To 35%...

Leading Marketing Firm Insivia Reports That 90% Of Internet Users Say Seeing A Video About A Product Is Helpful In The Decision Process...

Best Part?

This Works On Multiple Platforms:

BUT... Creating Videos Is A MAJOR Hassle

And Can Cost BIG Money

So What If You Could Use OTHER People’s Videos To Make Profits?

Introducing... Vidzio

eCom + Video For Hands-Free Profits

eCom Video Software & Traffic Mastery

Watch This Demo To See EXACTLY How Vidzio Is Going

To Make You PASSIVE Profits:

Finally: A Video PROFIT Solution That Works For ANYONE...

No Video Creation, NO Extra Tools, No Landing Pages Needed!

Use OTHER People’s Authority To Profit...

VidZio lets you leverage any video made by anyone to turn your prospects into buyers. INCLUDING review videos made by authority websites. Face it - Amazon, eBay, AliExpress & Walmart put BIG money into product review videos..

Why compete when you can simply use their own videos for personal profits?

Shop While They Watch

A Profit Booster That’s NEVER Been Seen Before

The biggest problem with video marketing? Offer links take viewers AWAY from your video... and that’s a conversion killer. VidZio handles this FOR you by letting your prospects click & BUY without EVER leaving your video... this never-before-seen technology maximizes your sales by keeping YOUR customers exactly where they want to be!

Skyrocket Conversions With Powerful CTAs

Custom Buy Buttons & Branding.

Modify the look, layout & colors of your Vidzio Players for EACH campaign. Quickly create eye-popping headlines and calls to action that get noticed and get the click.

Get 100% FREE Social Traffic In A Single Click.

Vidzio incorporates 1-click sharing to bring more of your social audiences to your offers. Press a button and INSTANTLY share your top-converting videos across FB, Twitter and Google Plus.

Make Life-Changing


Use VidZio to run campaigns for clients, and charge recurring monthly fees.

In literally SECONDS you can leverage converting videos for BOTH profits and value-added content for YOUR clients’ customers … giving you a huge advantage over your competition.

Check Out How VidZio

Drives YOU Profits:

  • 100% Beginner Friendly Profits

    No video skills, no products needed, just plug in and profit as an affiliate

  • Maximize Profits

    From TOP eCom platforms, and by promoting your own products

  • Unlimited Versatility

    Use 4 premium eCom platforms & ANY shopping cart to drive more sales

  • Use ANY Video

    From YouTube / Vimeo … upload your own mP4 … even profit with videos made by OTHERS.

  • Maximize Conversions

    With Built-In Eye-Line Positioning – your offers are PERFECTLY positioned inside your videos to get maximum attention.

  • Get Viral Traffic

    Easily add FB, Twitter & Google + share buttons to your videos to reach unlimited audiences and make more sales..

  • Sell To Customers INSIDE Your Video

    Never before seen tech lets your audience buy without leaving your video.

  • Find Converting Products In 1-Click

    Just upload your video, choose your platform – and VidZio finds top-converting products you can promote.

  • Multiple Profit Streams

    Add as many product offers as you want to ANY video … give customers more choices & you make more money!

  • Traffic That Pays

    You get our EXCLUSIVE traffic training to drive more buyers to your offers.

  • Copy-Paste Simple

    Copy one simple short code & paste to your site for a page that converts viewers into PROFITS.

  • Customize For CASH

    Modify colors & layouts so your videos match your offer and style.

  • Promote For Profit

    Choose eCom affiliate offers or your own products, you’re in 100% control.

  • 24/7 Speedy Support

    Our dedicated team is here to help you maximize results with ANY of your campaigns.

  • 100% Mobile Responsive

    Cash in on the 46% of traffic hitting eCom sites from mobile devices.

So Who Exactly Is Vidzio For?

COMPLETE ONLINE BEGINNERS After Their First Sale … Because Video Is The Fastest Way To Get Results...

AFFILIATE MARKETERS That Want To Drive Higher Commissions Promoting Products Across Multiple Platforms...

VIDEO MARKETERS That Want To Maximize Conversions From Every Video They Create Or Share...

FREELANCERS Looking To Drive New Profit Streams By Offering Value-Added Services To Clients...

ECOM VENDORS OR AFFILIATES Looking To Increase Profits Using 100% Free Video Traffic...

CPA & NETWORK MARKETERS That Want To Draw More Attention To Their Offers...

BLOGGERS & CONTENT MARKETERS That Want To Drive More Attention To Their Sites...

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Get VidZio NOW For A Low One-Time Cost!Order Now With 100% Confidence On 100% Secure Servers

I Realize My Small Investment Is Completely Covered By Your Money-Back Guarantee...

Here’s What They’re Saying About

Their New Experience With Vidzio Software:

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BONUS #1 Winning Traffic Methods A-Z

We’ll take you inside the exact traffic systems that have allowed us to drive huge in commissions over the past 12 months, using free traffic.

Just plug these in to your offers for all the free, top-converting traffic you’ll ever need.

BONUS #2 Review Video Profits

See how to leverage review videos made by others - or those you make yourself - to turn more viewers into paying customers.

This is a shortcut to driving more commissions as an affiliate, or driving more sales of your own products.

BONUS #3 WP Dynamic Floating Content

WP Dynamic Floating Content plugin is made to use in all in one's purpose and it's not difficult to use, interface try to cover everything in single plugin to assure you won't try any other plugins.

whether you need to demonstrate a sticky footer notice or sticky header warning, feature advancements which shall float into site, you need to impart your social networking connections, a commercial picture or altered HTML coasting content, everything our plugin doing for you.

BONUS #4 Desktop & Mobile Push Notification System


- WordPress mobile push notification messages plugin supports IOS, Android, Windows 10, Windows Phone 8,8.1 and BlackBerry 10.
- WP WordPress web push notification messages plugin supports Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Opera, Samsung Browser.
- WordPress Newsletter plugin.
- Facebook Messenger WordPress plugin.
- Facebook Notifications WordPress plugin.
- Track views and clicks for each platform.
- Support WordPress multi-site.
- Start now and create one campaign to sending all popular platforms and devices.

BONUS #5 Blog Designer PRO WordPress Plugin

Blog Designer is an effective and user friendly way to beautify your blog pages on your websites. It's very popular plugin for website's WordPress blog to attract more clients as well as more blog visitors. Blog Designer makes your blog section more intuitive with no coding skill. It's very easy to manage for beginners to website developers.

Blog designer plugin bundled with precisely designed 36 templates for various category and we will keep adding more in future version. If you are looking for category/tag archive design then Blog Designer is best solution for you that you never seen above.


BONUS #6 Lead Engage PRO (Worth $97)

This is an all-in-one lead engagement, capture and sales tool... You can use lead engage pro to start collecting leads on any wordpress site via short-codes.

You can as well use this app to sell leads to registered companies.

Choose YOUR License Available


I Realize My Small Investment Is Completely Covered By Your Money-Back Guarantee...

License For
50 Video Campaigns

VidZio  Pro - 10 Account Licenses

License For
Unlimited Video Campaigns

Pro - 30 Account Licenses

Answers To...

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do I Need To Make My Own Videos For This To Work?

Not at all! You can use ANY existing YouTube or Vimeo video to promote your products... We always recommend using “creative commons” videos or reaching out to the video creator 1st … but review videos on your preferred eCom sites are always fair game.

  • How Is Vidzio Different From Other Video Profit Tools?

Glad you asked! VidZio is different in many ways. Let’s break them down:

  • You don’t need your own videos to make sales.
  • Your customers NEVER need to leave your video to make a purchase … a feature NEVER available before, which increases your conversions up to 5X.
  • You can connect VidZio to Amazon, eBay, AliExpress & Walmart and it will AUTOMATICALLY find top selling products for you to promote.
  • You can use VidZio to effortlessly promote more sales of your own products
  • Will I Have To Pay For Traffic?

No, if you follow our bonus traffic generation strategies. VidZio also lets you capture viral traffic from FB, Twitter & Google Plus at no extra charge... but obviously you can run paid campaigns to scale WINNING offers when you’re ready

  • Can I Really Make Money Selling This Service To Clients?

You be... because we AND our beta testers have done it. Your VidZio software lets you run targeted campaigns for your clients that drive sales, while delivering value-added content. It’s the ultimate win-win for both you and your customers.

  • What About Support?

Right inside your dashboard there’s a link to our on-call support desk. A full team of professionals is always on hand to answer any questions you have.

Great But Will VidZio Work For Me?

It Sure Will And We Guarantee It!

The VidZio 30 Day Result Guarantee.

Pick up VidZio now, use it for the next 30 days, and all the risk is on us. Apply the software to your own promos...

Use your own or OTHER people’s videos to increase leads, sales and conversions... Get results, or contact our support desk for personal support...

In the highly unlikely event our professional team can’t get you the results you deserve … Your Money Back, plain and simple.

Doesn’t Get More Fair Than That!

To the Best of YOUR Success,

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Get VidZio NOW For A Low One-Time Cost!Order Now With 100% Confidence On 100% Secure Servers

I Realize My Small Investment Is Completely Covered By Your Money-Back Guarantee...

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