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We’re here to help you get the best possible results from this software & traffic system.

Vidzio works great because it’s an incredible way to use ANY video to drive profits from your eCom products.

But an ONGOING challenge is finding products to promote, and how to position them for maximum sales.

Without a collection of top-converting products, all the traffic in the world isn’t going to make you money.

Monetize ANY WordPress Or WooCommerce Site

With Top-Sellers From 7 Leading Networks

Forget the old days of settling for products from just 1 platform …
and losing prospects to the competition that has a wider selection

Quit wasting time manually sourcing products you “hope” will sell

Say NO to limited eCom store builders that have more restrictions than features

And never again struggle with SEO, constant updates & store maintenance

The whole POINT of selling online is to cash in on a fast-moving marketplace.

And to do business on YOUR terms - whether you want to focus on a single niche, single product, or run a full-blown authority site.

You deserve OPTIONS when it comes to how you make money... With NO LIMITS as to how much you can make.

The LAZY Way To $500 +

WEEKLY Affiliate Commissions

You get paid when you make sales, period.
So it makes sense to have MULTIPLE top-converting products on offer. Give more people more choice … and you make MORE.

Want to monetize a single blog post with a few targeted offers? Simple.
Set up a complete eCom store in just a few mouse clicks? Easy.

From now on, you’ll have UNLIMITED options for driving affiliate commissions from today’s TOP SELLING products.

You WON’T Have To:

  • Waste hours manually finding products that sell AND make you a profit

  • Worry about traffic - this software combines with Vidzio to send you all the buyer traffic you’ll ever need

  • Struggle with complex store-building softwares that don’t give you the flexibility you need

  • Manually update pricing, reviews or content - this solution AUTO-UPDATES everything for you

Introducing …

MultiStore Builder

Monetize More Products For More Profits

Vidzio MultiStore Builder is a plugin that transforms your WP or WooCommerce site into a profitable eCom sales machine in just a few clicks. Create niche stores, complete authority eCom sites …or simply add a few affiliate products to ANY page.

Combine it with Vidzio for a fast & LONG term profitable traffic solution.

Get VidZio NOW For A Low One-Time Cost!Order Now With 100% Confidence On 100% Secure Servers

I Realize My Small Investment Is Completely Covered By Your Money-Back Guarantee...

The 1st EVER WordPress Store Builder That Lets You Profit

From 7 Top Affiliate Platforms:

Instantly Promote YOUR CHOICE Of Thousands

Of In-Demand Products

4 FAST Steps To Profit

With Vidzio MultiStore Builder


Login and enter any keyword in your niche to find a huge range of top-selling products from 7 leading eCom affiliate platforms


Choose your filters (price, relevance, sales history & more) ...Then pick the exact products you want to promote.


Create single listings or “multistore” collections using any combination of the top-selling products the software delivers


Find relevant review videos or make your own for your new store products
- Upload them to Vidzio
- Then sit back and watch the sales & profits come in on autopilot!

Commissions YOUR Way

Check Out How VidZio Drives YOU Profits:

  • Pick Winning Products

    From 7 Proven eCom Platforms

  • Create Single Or Multi-Platform Stores …

    EVEN Promote Single Products

  • Copy-Paste Simple:

    Just Paste The Shortcode Into Your Post & The Plugin Does The Rest!

  • Boost Sales With Social Proof & Reviews:

    MultiStore Builder Can Import Product Reviews & Let You Enable User Comments To Increase Conversions

  • Auto Price Updating:

    The Software Ensures Your Product Prices Are ALWAYS Up-To-Date Giving YOUR Buyers The Info They Need

  • WordPress & WooCommerce Ready:

    Integrates With All Themes So You’re In Control Of Your Stores

  • Scaling Built In:

    Detailed Stats Show You Which Products Are Converting

  • Make More With Flash Sales:

    The Software Shows In REAL TIME

  • You’re In Control:

    Edit Titles, Descriptions, Even Add Your Own Content

  • So You Can Optimize

    For Profit

  • Which Products Are On Discount

    So You Can Maximize Sales Volume

  • Customize The Order

    Your Featured Products Appear On Your Sites & Pages


That Pays YOU

eCom and video are a perfect fit … but each part has to do its job. That’s why we’re so excited to introduce Vidzio MultiStore Builder.

Vidzio is great for traffic … and the store builder is a PERFECT way to monetize it.
But because we want to help MAXIMIZE your results, we’ve built in

Even MORE traffic features to MultiStore Builder:

Auto Social Posting: lets you syndicate your product listings across FB & Twitter quickly & hands-free to leverage viral social traffic

SuperCharged SEO: each product listing and 3rd party review is optimized for buyer keywords that drive MORE organic traffic to your offers

Affiliate Spark Traffic Training Video Series: our very best methods for driving traffic to your niche sites and offers … WITHOUT waiting for results and WITHOUT paying for ads

eCom Affiliate Profits

You Can Count On, WITHOUT:

  • Struggling to manually find products that convert
  • Wasting money on traffic & paid ads
  • Complicated or limited softwares that don’t give you the options you need
  • Dealing with payment processors
  • Handling shipping
  • Fulfilling orders and endless customer questions
  • Customer service and refunds
  • Technical skills
  • Sales skills
  • Mind-numbing SEO strategies
  • Constant site, product & pricing updates
  • Paying expensive fees to experts & designers

3 Clicks And DONE:

Your Own PROFITABLE eCom Store

It’s really that easy. So the only question is …

How many niche sites or stores will you build?

Do you want to dominate a single niche?

Or diversify by entering dozens?

Vidzio MultiStore builder gives you the options & ability to do whatever you want with ecom …

Profit in as many ways possible …

With NONE of the hassles.

This Is Your Chance

We’ve spent 10s of thousands developing this software.

And plan on releasing it as a standalone product in the future … for a monthly subscription.

But as a valued Vidzio customer, we want to give you complete & ongoing access for just a single low price.

Honestly? We hope you make SO MUCH using this software you give us a great testimonial we can use when we re-release this in the future.

So we’re making this 1st ever, MultiStore builder that’s compatible with both WP AND WooCommerce … that integrates with 7 top eCom platforms … available for a ridiculously low price.

The only catch is this offer is only available right now - on this page.

So Hit That Button Below

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VidZio Affiliate  Store Builder

I Realize My Small Investment Is Completely Covered By Your Money-Back Guarantee...

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