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Vidzio Agency

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Just before you dive into Vidzio …

We’ve got something very special you’re going to want to pay close attention to.

It’s been proven over time that the fastest way to make SERIOUS money online is to have your OWN products to sell.

And the products that drive the highest profits are consistently software.

But very few people have the time, budget, expertise … or risk tolerance to invest in software development & the expensive marketing tools needed to sell it.

So we’re going to hand you the keys to sell Vidzio and keep 100% of the profits for yourself.

Meaning you get an AGENCY license to keep WHATEVER a client pays you for the software.

But MORE than that … you can leverage our marketing materials, including sales pages AND videos … to do the selling FOR you.

We’ve invested tens of thousands into the development of the Vidzio software.
Multiple MORE thousands on the included training and sales materials.
This is brand new tech that’s never been seen before, and does what nothing else can.

It gets even better: we’ll handle ALL the customer support for you!

Vidzio Agency

How To QUICKLY Profit With Vidzio Agency

With your Agency Access, You’ll make 100% Profits Selling Vidzio to up to 50 Customers

  • Using OUR sales materials as you choose
  • Leveraging OUR support desk so you once you’ve made the sale, your job is done
  • All by simply sharing next generation technology for maximizing eCom profits with the power of video

Here’s How You’ll Do It

Promote Vidzio as a standalone traffic & conversion solution to your existing list or audience.

Show it off on your smartphone to local businesses.

Even use the software yourself to create eye-catching videos you can promote on social media to capture a massive, untapped audience.

Competition? What Competition?!!!

As soon as this limited launch closes, the price of Vidzio jumps to $67. That’s what WE’LL be selling it for … but YOU get to set your own price.

We WON’T be actively promoting the software after this launch - because our focus shifts to supporting existing customers. So you won’t have to worry about competition from us.

And face it - most people, even those that invest in this agency license - won’t take full advantage of the opportunity.

Meaning you have a WIDE OPEN market to promote to.

A Completely Hassle Free Income

You WON’T have to:

Upload Anything

Host Files for your Clients

Configure Settings

Provide Support

Because We’ve Got it ALL Covered For You Inside...

Just introduce your prospects to Vidzio …

Use our sales pages and materials - or your custom versions …

And keep 100% of WHATEVER you decide to charge.

Your Own TurnKey,

All Inclusive Software Business.

You Get:

  • To leverage ALL our marketing materials
  • The next generation software with INCLUDED traffic training to sell as a bundle
  • Ongoing support - delivered by US - to your clients
Click Here To Get VidZio Agency LicenseOrder Now With 100% Confidence On 100% Secure Servers

I Realize My Small Investment Is Completely Covered By Your Money-Back Guarantee...

Join VidZio Agency NOW To Claim These


BONUS #1: WP Smart Live Chat Support Plugin

WP Smart Live Chat is an intelligent WordPress live chat plugin. This plugin will work in any wordpress site which need a customer sales and support system through live chat.

New plugin is always best and feature rich;
- Automatic chat search and suggestion to operator
- Automatic chat reply and greetings
- Unlimited operator / Support manager can be added
- Unlimited customer can chat.
- Each operator can chat unlimited customer at a time. (Currently 50 set. you can choose any number)
- Each operator can transfer chat to other operator / department
- Chat request from client to operator maintain online, busy, offline queue logic. i.e when first chat request comes from customer it search for online operator who is not busy and select randomly. If all are busy then it select any busy operator and the operator can answer in a seperate chat tab.

BONUS #2: WP Advertiser:

This is a Premium WordPress Ad Plugin that helps you manage, sell and display your advertising space, in a way that no other plugin can.

This awesome tool supports a templates and grid system to show really matched and user-friendly ads on your site. And it’s 100% free from Ad blocker. Display your banners, including Google AdSense banners in more than 20 ways.

Here are some of the cool built in features:
-100% Responsive
-Geographical targeting (countries, states / provinces, cities or zip-codes)
-Schedule your ads and control their delay
-Option to show Ads in Specific Devices (mobile, tablet or desktop)
-Filters on Categories and Tags
-Hooks to show Ads before / inner / after Content
-Options to show / close Ads after X seconds
-Capping option to show Ads only X times per User / Session
-Display your ads in more than 20 different ways (sidebar, floating, video, background, corner peel, grids, hover and others)
-Huge backend manager (easily manage your ads)
-25+ ready to use Responsive and User-friendly

BONUS #3: FB Offer Blaster

This is an app that allows you to create, schedule & repost four kinds of offer (Percentage Discount, Cash Discount, Free, Bogo) with three types post (Image, Video, Carousel) for your Facebook pages. It’s a first application that can Create Offer post similar as Facebook Offer Ads.

You can start your own business and can sell offer posting services to your clients ! It’s a Multi-user SaaS application. PayPal and Stripe are integrated for getting payment.


This is How Your FB Offers Are Claimed?

Facebook makes it really easy for people to claim your Offer. Once your Offer starts running, all someone has to do is click on the “Get Offer” link to claim it. They’ll then get an email (sent to the email they use to log-in to Facebook) with details on how to redeem the Offer.

If you’re an online business and added a link, the user will be redirected to your website.
If your business is an actual store, people can either print out the Offer email or bring it in or they can simply bring their cell phone with them and show you the Offer on their phone.

BONUS #4: Soci Monitor Machine

This is a powerful simple to use tool that lets you store your brand name, so you can find the most recent tweets and Facebook posts that mentions your brand or products. Use it on your site or include the code in a WordPress plugin for your clients.

This a cool way to save common searches and browse any social mentions on Facebook or Twitter directly in one dashboard. Get a list of your brand mentions across the two most popular platforms, so you can manage your social media reputation easier. This script uses Twitter and Facebook’s official API, so there is no threat of having it blocked from platform security and spam changes.


How Can Soci Monitor Monitor Machine Help You?

When customers aren’t happy with your product or customer service, the first thing they do is go online and complain. Part of online reputation management is finding these unhappy customers and responding to complaints. It’s important to respond professionally and offer support. Other potential customers see your response and become more confident in your brand. Even with angry complaints, you can come out on top and draw more customers to your brand. It can also give people reading the conversation more confidence in your customer support and brand.

Social Monitor is a simple dashboard that lets you quickly check the latest tweets and Facebook posts so you can manage your reputation easier.

Say Goodbye To Working Hard:

Time To Profit SMART

This is a unique chance if you don’t have your own product to sell …
Even if you do, it’s a great way to add a new funnel element to your existing offers …
And keep 100% profits from something that virtually sells itself!

So take advantage before this offer gets taken down … because we’re STRICTLY limiting the number of agency licenses available.

Vidzio is a powerful, 1st-of-its-kind solution. There’s no other all-in-one solution for leveraging ANY video & TOP-CONVERTING eCom products for passive profits.

Here’s your chance to make WINDFALL profits for a very low, one-time payment.

Act Now Because …

You won’t see this offer again. You’re being invited to become an Agency license holder because you’re a brand new Vidzio customer … but this invitation lasts only as long as this page is open.

Blink your eyes or refresh the page … and this offer may be closed for good.

You Can Add A BRAND New
Income Stream … RIGHT Now

Make 100% Pure Profit Just By Introducing Others To This Revolutionary Technology

Relax Knowing We’ll Take Care Of YOUR Clients … You Take The Money, We’ll Handle The Rest! Charge ANYTHING you want for the software …

After this launch the cost on our site will be $67 - which should be the MINIMUM price you set.

So conservatively, you can bank up to $3,350 with agency access.

But if you get creative, add in some custom bonuses, there’s NOTHING stopping you from charging $97 or more for this same package.

Turning your potential revenue into more like $4,850 …

Choose YOUR License Available

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I Realize My Small Investment Is Completely Covered By Your Money-Back Guarantee...

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